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Whether it’s a headline for an advert, words for your website, paragraphs for a press release, or a full-blown novel, the choice of words and the correct punctuation and sentence structure can have an enormous impact on how what you're saying is received.


If you want to communicate clearly, effectively and creatively, then maybe some help is needed.


We’re skilled and experienced in producing words which work, and we'd be happy to talk to you about what you have in mind ....


  • copy editing (eg. for press releases, corporate reports, advertising materials)
  • book editing for publication
  • critique of your current copy (whether in print or digital format)


Examples of my editorial skills

Successful Selling for Small Businesses


Jackie Wade, principal at Winning Sales, came to us for help with preparing her sales training book for publication. Jackie wanted to capture in a book the essence of her many years of experience in delivering face to face training.


Using materials she had developed as hand-outs and worksheets, we worked together to bring structure and clarity to the text which Jackie had prepared in Word.


Diagrams were drawn to illustrate key concepts and 'tips and techniques' boxes were introduced to emphasise learning points and help the reader navigate through the concepts and remember the advice.

For this book, we also provided the book design and typesetting services, so delivered the finished file to Brightword Publishing ready to go to print.

Digging Deep


Trevor Massey had spent nearly 40 years writing a semi-autobiographical novel based on his experience in Yorkshire coal mining. His ambition was to have the novel printed, almost as a 'memoir' of his working life, to give to friends and family.


When the text was delivered to Mosaic - as a 300,000-word file - we knew that the story  'had legs' and began to explore the possibilities of producing the book for a wider audience. First, however, the text needed editing for consistency of style, voice and structure. Some technical descriptions of mining needed expansion, whilst others needed excising. Chronology needed attention, to allow the story to flow and the reader to feel the progression in time through the four years in which the story is set. Little work was needed on the characterisation, but some additions were made to help set the scene in the Yorkshire coalfield of the 1960s.


Advances in print and publishing technologies offer the debut novelist great opportunities. Trevor decided to have a small print run of Digging Deep in hardback (to satisfy the 'family and friends' ambition), and to also publish the novel to the market in Amazon Kindle and ebook format for iPad. We were able to handle all aspects of physical print, digital format preparation and marketing and distribution.

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