Reports and formal documents are one of our specialities.


We delight in taking a mountain of text and turning it into a smart report which makes a statement. Often such documents are 'statutory' in that they have to contain certain data and report on particular aspects. We delight in converting dry data into easy-to-understand information though the clever use of words, graphics, tables and images.


Finding your way through a large document can sometimes be difficult. Through carefully structuring the contents and adding 'navigational aids' such as index tabbed edges to the pages and helpful colour coding, we help to make the document comprehensive, yet easy to read.


We're happy to manage the printing for you and offer a wide range of materials and finishes to meet your budget and the requirements of the printed product.


Have a look at some of our recent work:

Online consultation document

A 120-page A4 landscape format document prepared for use in a paperless consultation process.


Client: Nortrh Pennines AONB Partnership

Autobiography - and further thoughts

We were commissioned to edit, design and typeset this 132-page autobiography ad manage the project from concept to production as a softback book.

The book was so successful in its aim of fundraising for a housing charity that the author wrote a further volume of weekly 'thoughts'.

Teesdale Bibliography

A 304-page hardbacked bibliography of Teesdale. We were commissioned to edit, design and typeset the book and manage its production.


Client: Teesdale Record Society

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