Forms and training notes are another of our specialities.


We firmly believe that the quality of response to a survey form, order form - or any kind of form – depends heavily on the design of that form. There needs to be the right amount of space for email addresses, for example! However the wording of the questions or instructions can also be crucial. We have years of experience of designing questionnaires and self-completion forms. Clarity is key, and we can help you turn your draft ideas into easy-to-complete forms which will result in you getting the information you need.


Training notes need to be more than printouts of Powerpoint slides.

If you've invested in developing a training course, and students or staff have invested their time in attending a course (whether that's physically or through a webinar, say), then you surely need to consolidate that learning by providing helpful notes for use during the course and for future reference. Combining expertise in education and communication, we offer a bespoke service to turn your training materials into really useful resources.


Have a look at some of our recent work:

Student course notes

Mosaic was engaged to design and print study materials for the modular course Know Your North Pennines.


We prodced the high quality materials from tutors' outline notes and supplied the packed ready-punched and separately wrapped for each student.


Client: Pennine Horizons

Worksheets for a sales training course

A sales training company wanted student worksheets in both eletronic and printed formats.


Mosaic worked with the business principal to design proformas which students could download and complete electronically or print and complete by hand. Crucial to the commission was ‘locking’ the content that the student wasn't to change.


Client: Winning Sales Ltd

Making form filling easy

We’re skilled at being organised and designing a form in an organised way so that it is easy for the user to complete and for you to use (how many times do you have to squeeze your email address into a box the size of a match?).


The use of colour and clear structure and design can greatly enhance any kind of application form, order form or questionnaire.


Clients: various

You might also want to look at our work on a recent sales training book:

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