Two Days in Teesdale

Dickens’ Visit and its Legacy

by Peter Gilbertson

with illustrations by John Degnan





Softback, 36 pages plus audio CD

Published by Mosaic (Teesdale) Ltd

ISBN 978-0-9567816-4-2


An English schoolboy boards a train at King's Cross Station. It is not the Hogwarts Express, but it's taking him from London to boarding school in Yorkshire.

Half a century later, living in the lovely village of Greta Bridge, where Dickens stayed when he visited the area to research Nicholas Nickleby, Peter Gilbertson discovered that he had followed previous generations of less fortunate schoolboys on their first term in the north of England. He also found that his historic home was shared with earlier residents and visitors. Was there a link between Dickens’ visit and this latest discovery? That is the mystery his story sets out to investigate...


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