Digging Deep

The ups and downs of a 1960s Yorkshire mining community

By Trevor Massey

What are the challenges facing a young mine manager and his family on relocating to Yorkshire from Nottinghamshire? How will they cope with the locals, older colleagues, ‘the top Brass’ and the unions? How will Region shape their relationships? And what will the future hold for them?


Digging Deep is set in the small village of Upthorpe in the 1960s and covers the ups and downs of its pit and the community who work and live there.


Follow the trials and tribulations of locals and incomers as they size one another up.

Find out how Roy Dobson gets on in his new job as Martins Main colliery manager at a time when mechanisation is imperative; and how his wife, Helen, is faithful to her chapel upbringing. 

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Hardback, 590-pages

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ISBN 978-0-9567816-5-9

Digging Deep
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Digging Deep hardback

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