Thank you for visiting my website. Hopefully you'll easily find the information you need.

I'm a ‘can-do' person and I'm always pleased to talk through ideas for how I may be able to help you with your design, publishing or other project.

I've been helping customers in the public, private and community sectors since 1996. I'm joined by a range of associates and partners as necessary.

I offer 'top-agency'-quality work at competitive prices (you're not paying for chrome and glass buildings, thick-pile carpet and an expensive coffee-machine in reception!)


About me

I trace my current skills back to an unusual combination of choices in the Sixth Form at school when I studied typing and art as recreational contrasts to A-levels in Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

Ever since I first used an Apple Mac computer in the early 1980s I've been hooked on designing for publishing and have migrated through various Mac models and use the latest industry software.

I take great professional pride in my work and delight in turning raw data and fuzzy ideas into attractive, effective and polished pieces of communication.

When I'm not at the computer keyboard I can be found either at the piano keyboard, reading a book or sewing patchwork quilts.


Where it all happens

My address says it all...Moor Edge.

I'm on the edge of Monk's Moor, a mile outside Middleton-in-Teesdale.

It's remote, rural and peaceful and I believe that this nurtures my creativity.


My ethos

I aim always to keep promises I make.

I do my best at what I do best.

I operate a 'no surprises' business, finding that honesty, openness and timely communication are always the best policy.



A written quotation, valid for 30 days, is provided for all jobs, usually within two days of an enquiry. Written acceptance of a quotation is normally required before commencing a job.

Invoices are submitted on completion of a job, unless other arrangements have been agreed. Paper invoices can be sent if required, although e-invoicing is my preferred method.

Payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed. Electronic payment is preferred.

VAT will be applied where appropriate at the relevant rate. 



When outsourcing printing work, I always aim to get the best possible price, without compromising on quality. I have excellent relationships with several printers which enables me to achieve competitive terms.

The price on my quotation will be the price you pay. There will be no hidden costs. If, as a job progresses, extra work is involved, I will discuss and agree any variation in the price before going ahead.


Email is my preferred method of communication, however I do like to speak in person or by telephone whenever possible.

For lengthy or more complex jobs I provide interim progress reports at agreed frequencies.

I have high-capacity, 24/7 broadband.

I aim to respond to any enquiry or message on the same working day as receipt.


Quality Control

When I receive materials I'll do an immediate check for compatibility – to make sure there aren't any issues which need resolving to do with file formats, for example.

Proofs are provided, in suitable format, at appropriate stages throughout progress with a job. Where possible, proofing via emailed PDFs is preferred, although some clients request a final hard-copy proof prior to printing.

All client work is backed-up on an hourly basis, mitigating the effects of any unforeseen problems.

Once work has been completed, a copy of the final piece and its preparatory work is kept on CD for a minimum period of one year.

When I'm sending large files by email, I'll either send a simple text email or telephone you to check that the large file has been received.

All incoming materials are scanned for viruses. Whilst I use best endeavours to make sure that all outgoing material (files, emails, CDs etc) are virus-free, I encourage you to use a belt-and-braces approach and scan on loading anything to your own computer system.


Technical talk

In addition to Apple Mac hardware, I use a PC when necessary.

The major software packages in daily use are QuarkXPress, Photoshop and the Microsoft Office suite.













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